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Osun State Polytechnic, Iree was established as a Satellite Campus of the Polytechnic, Ibadan in 1981. It became a full-fledged Institution in October, 1992 when the law establishing the Institution was signed by the First Executive Governor of the State, Otunba Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke. The Polytechnic was established to produce middle level man-power, particularly in the fields of Science, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Information and Communication Technology, Management and Financial Studies. This Staff Handbook is published with the aim of bringing together and presenting in a convenient form, information about the various aspects of establishments, procedures and regulations of the Polytechnic. The Handbook also includes various regulations governing academic, administrative financial and technical planning in the Institution, thus enabling every staff member to know what is expected of him, not only at departmental, but also at the Faculty and Institutional level. The Institution initially commenced with eight (08) programmes at Pre-ND, ND and HND levels but today, the National Board for Technical Education has accredited over thirty (30) programmes. While National Commission for college of Education has accredited programmes.



In the face of National global changes, the OSPOLY Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Principles have been identified as reliable roadmaps which have guided leaders and stakeholders in the system to continue to make the Institution one of the most attractive Institutions of higher learning in the African region. For the growth and survival of the Institution, and because of the current changes in the Educational Sector, and the plan by the state government to amend the Law setting up the Institution, its Vision should change in the 21st Century. Therefore, in line with the new strategic thinking, the suggested Vision and Mission are as presented below.

Our Vision

To be an institution for the acquisition of modern technology producing quality graduates with knowledge and skills, prepare to innovatively grow the nation’s economy and enhance self-reliance.

Our Mission

  • To produce high level quality graduates relevant to the human capital needs of Nigeria’s Industrial development program
  • To provide a unique enabling environment that allows for staff and students to develop their full technological potentials
  • To build a polytechnic with unique opportunities for cutting edge research and innovation that will provide manpower development services of superior quality to the nation

Our Core Values

  • Strive for the best in whatever activity we do
  • Imbibe the culture of hard work and diligence in learning and teaching
  • Maintain high integrity and honesty in discharge of duties
  • Be respectful to persons, their views and obedient to existing rules and laws of the Institution
  • Become a good team player, tolerant and living in good harmony with others
  • Above all, be God-fearing

Organization, Administration and Control of the Institution